“I like to paint the bird houses, that’s the funnest. And I also like to plant the plants. I like to help with the harvest because that’s the best part because you get to eat the vegetables and share them with others too.” 
“The dream is to have a place in the country for people with autism to live and thrive””
Board member, parent to child with autism

“its been amazing it’s been esteeming for her, the confidence that comes form working in the garden and producing things and seeing the results of your efforts has been a fantastic thing for her. Socially, building various skills there’s just so many, to having a job and being productive and learning new things”

Erin’s Mom 

“She has learned to work through some difficulties in a safe, nurturing environment with the necessary guidence to learn and grow. Peer relations have increased as she works along with her friends/buddies. These peer connections are paramount in addresing the all to familiar isolation and depression in many adults with challenges.”
Erin’s Mom
“The beautiful thing about the rural model is it provides not only a wonderful place to live in the sense it’s out in the country with lots of fresh air and so on and its safe and quiet; it also provides meaningful work for them to do. It’s one thing to have a place to live but then what are you going to do during the day.” 
John Seigner
“People with autism are people who are special as well and we count just as much as so called normal people …we are just as talented as other people who aren’t special needs and special needs people need to know that they have an environment where they can feel like equals with everyone and not feel like they are inferior without their permission”
“My favourite thing to do is make the concrete stepping stones that we made to welcome the visitors when they come to autism ranch.”
“ I see a huge potential for this. I think that a self sustaining healthy environment has so much to offer our adults with autism. These people with autism have so much to offer and we need to give them the change and opportunity to do that. That’s what Home On The Range does” 
Erin’s mom
“This unique opportunity for people with disabilities in our community enables them to work together developing confidence and self esteem as they see the positive results of their efforts. From seeding to harvest to market…real life lessons are learned. Evan tells me he also enjoys the crafts and is excited about the addition of animals this year”
Evan’s mom
“Giving those individuals who are more severally affected a sense of purpose and being able to find their strengths and allow them to contribute can be incredibly powerful in terms of providing a sense of self esteem and confidence.” 
Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum

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